An initial briefing on a software provider for the public sector

December 2022

Charlie Munger's bet on enterprise software for court systems has been overshadowed by Daily Journal's investment portfolio. The software business…

November 2022

Voting control will determine whether the company retains its unique culture
Berkshire Hathaway reported Q3 2022 results over the weekend. This article examines trends in the company's operating income.

October 2022

The company's heir apparent has put to rest concerns regarding his long-term intentions and alignment of incentives with shareholders

September 2022

The stock has dropped 45% since quarterly earnings were released a month ago. Is the business model still intact or has Mr. Market overreacted?

August 2022

Accounting treatment for 20% positions has varied over the years, as we can see from the cases of BNSF, Moody's, DaVita, Kraft Heinz, and American…
A closer look at GEICO, Repurchases, and Greg Abel's BHE sale
Accounting changes introduced in 2018 cause wild swings in net income
Some interesting statistics and trends

July 2022

Berkshire's stake could soon surpass a key level with important implications. Could this be a prelude to Buffett making an offer to acquire the company?

June 2022

Will the industry's boom turn into a bust in a housing downturn?